Hello Everyone, I am Björn and the host of Easy Impact Radio.
I love to travel, experience different cultures, make new friends, meet old friends, do all kinds of activities inside the water (etc. Wakeboarding) and outside of the water (etc. Yoga). I just try to live an happy and active life.
At the same time I care about our planet. When travelling you see all the economic, ecologic and social inbalance and inequality and everything we do, every decision we take has an impact on this inequality.

So lets use this impact and have an impact! Lets apply small and easy changes and hacks to our daily life to change this world to a more sustainable one. At the same time I want to encourage you to stay active and follow your dreams, enjoy every day life. I am fully convinced that both together is possible and even influences each other positively.

This is why I started the Easy Impact Radio: I want to show you how to live an active and sustainable lifestyle! I myself have to learn about it and besides the sustainability courses I took and the experiences I made at work I still have to learn a lot about implementing sustainability and resource efficiency in my daily life. I invite you to follow me on that journey.

Thank you and I hope you hear me on the Podcast