EIR 009: Photographer Thilo Vogel about minimalism and living in a rooftop tent on your car

I met Thilo the first time on the DNX conference in Berlin and while waiting in the line for lunch we started to chat about travelling and electric cars. While I told Thilo about my just launched podcast, he explained me that he lives in his car and actually sleeps in a rooftop tent. Thilo is a great guy. He is relaxed, humble and just fun to be around! We got along perfect and a few weeks after the DNX I asked him for an interview. I was fascinated how hands on Thilos approach for a minimalistic life was. We … Read More

EIR 008: Suns out Buns out! – What sunscreen or sun blocker should I use?

Suns out, buns/guns out! It is summer!!! and normally that means sun, unless you live in Germany…. than it can mean as well storms and rain, but this is not the topic of this episode. For this episode we imagine that there is sun, a lot of sun. So much sun that you feel warm and energised, and also so much sun that your skin starts to burn. This is at latest the point where you should apply sun screen. With any other product there is a huge variety of possibilities to choose from. In this episode I will try … Read More

EIR 007: Belina Raffy from Sustainable Standup shows how to laugh about important topics

When I announced that I want to start my own podcast about an active and sustainable lifestyle a travel buddy that I met in a Yoga retreat in North Thailand wrote me on Facebook, that I have to check out sustainable stand up. First I could not believe it…. Making fun about such an important topic? But exactly this is the thing: Belina combines stand up comedy with important topics that endanger our planet. The interview shows that it is way more than just the ability to combine comedy with sustainability. It is more about laughing about things that seem … Read More

EIR 006: The money jar system – How to manage your earnings

In my first episode I said, that I want to try to make an holistic approach with this podcast. In this episode I talk about a system to organize your money. The canadian author and businessman T. Harv Eker developed a money jar system to manage the money your are spending. This really helps you to get an overview of your spendings and helps you to steer where you spent your money for. To sum it up the money jar system helps you handle your own income in a more sustainable way. It is very easy to apply. You basically … Read More

EIR 005: Fairshionista Sabine Egger implements sustainability in all parts of her life

Swiping through my Instagramm feed I found Sabine on the pictures of the kite channel wake up stoked. It took me some time to realize that we know from my time as an Basketball player at Westfalia Kinderhaus many years ago. We wrote a few times and met again at the Digital Nomad Conference in Berlin end of May. When she explained about her project Fairshionista I had to take the opportunity to ask her for an interview. Sabine is a anesthetist in switzerland, but at the same time she loves to travel, to ski and to go kite surfing. … Read More

EIR 004: Enjoy your Barbecue! Why you should try olive stone coal

Everybody all around the world does barbecues and it is just an amazing get together and meet up combined with tasty food often in the outdoors. A barbecue is an amazing occasion and there are a few things that can be looked at when doing a barbecue. If you look at these topics you do not only have a positive impact, but also a tastier and better bbq experience. The average food item travels 1200 km to your barbecue, by buying locally the transporting emissions can be reduced. For vegetables consulting a seasonable products calendar can help to pick the … Read More

EIR 003: Claudi Sult from greenmeberlin is spreading passion and excitement for a greener Berlin

In the process of setting up this podcast, I also spoke to Claudi from Greenme Berlin and she really supported me and pushed me to continue to launch this podcast. Claudi is another very active and positive person. You immediately feel the energy that she has and the passion that she is bringing in her projects. She describes her self as 85% vegan, part-time eco-fashion wearer, full-time cyclist, 100% Berlin-obsessed and Green Travel & Lifestyle Enthusiast. With a background of studying sustainable tourism and working in PR team of the Berlin tourist board, she is predestinated for her own project … Read More

EIR 002: How to surf the internet in a more sustainable way. From servers powered by renewables to the education potential of the internet.

Not the first topic to think about but definitely one that impacts our daily life constantly: Greenpeace issued a new green clicks report last January and evaluated based on different criteria the impact of various global online Services from eCommerce to video streaming and social networks. The energy demand of the internet is growing at a fast pace and luckily some of the big companies show how it can be done or at least improved since the last study. Facebook, Apple, and Google who first made 100% renewable commitments four years ago have now been joined by nearly 20 internet … Read More

EIR 001: Rob Greenfields transformation from a party animal to an adventurer, activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference

I met Rob Greenfield personally in the Zero waste store Glücklich Unverpackt in Essen and after his motivating talk I had to ask him if I can interview him. Amazingly he said yes, as you can hear right now. Rob is one of the most positive and happy people I have ever met and at the same time he is very calm and reasonable. In university he was a big party animal but he transformed to a role model adventurer, activist and humanitarian fighting for a better planet. He actually shows what is all possible. Here are just some of … Read More

EIR 000: Who is that guy talking and what is he talking about? Björn introduces himself and Easy Impact Radio

Hellloooo everyone and welcome to Easy Impact Radio Episode number zero, Björn Bröskamp is the host of this new podcast. He describes himself as business chemist, traveller, diver, wakeboard, fun seeker and upcoming sustainability strategist. He has always been interested in living a more sustainable life and now he takes you with him on the journey to talk to ecopreneurs, influencers and people that already have an impact. Also he will dive through books, websites, courses and podcasts to find easy to apply hacks and tipps while maintaining an active lifestyle. He is convinced that it is possible to life … Read More