EIR 016: Stella from 22stars shows how to build up a social business with jewellery from recycled paper

On the global DNX conference in Lisbon in September 2017 I participated in a workshop from Stella about social entrepreneurship and the energy with that Stella presented her journey blew me away. She built up a business based on selling jewellery made from recycled paper. It was not even her idea to make this paper beads. She saw them being made by African woman. Stella just gave them the possibility to sell the products in the European and American markets. But she did not stop there: She opened a foundation to give the children of the mothers that do the … Read More

EIR 015: Melanie from tausendfremdeorte tells her story about cycling the world

I met Melanie and her boyfriend Ricardo on a DNX Camp in Dahab Egypt. I was immediately impressed by their plan to travel the world by bicycle. They are not the first people to do that, but the way they approached this adventure impressed me: without too much preparation and enjoying the learning process while on the road. Melanie and Ricardo are both big travel fans and met each other on one of their former journeys in Australia. Ever since they travel together as a couple. They like to travel slow, get in contact with the locals, learn their traditions … Read More

EIR 014: How to reduce your use of plastic

Plastic is everywhere around us. If you look around yourself right now you will see a lot of stuff made out of plastic. It is everywhere in our homes, workplaces, toys, gadgets. A life like the majority of us is living it would not be possible without plastic. Plastic is a material that made a lot of things and products possible to everyone of us. We should be grateful for that! At the same time plastic is a fast growing disaster for the environment. Since so many products are mad out of plastic, a lot of these products end as … Read More

EIR 013: Martijn Jegerings the founder of Open Wear shares insights on building a sustainable performance product with a transparent supply chain

Facebook advertising is a powerful tool. An advertisement for the Open Wear Snow Jacket caught me. It contained a slogan that combined sustainability and performance and immediately cought my eye. I loved the concept and the running kickstarter campaign was very professional. Luckily the founder Martjin agreed on an interview and we talked about the way from the idea to the final product, kickstarter and the influence that starting a business has on your life. I was amazed that a company of two people can built such a brand and I wish there would be more products that prove that … Read More

EIR 012: Try car sharing! The sharing economy trend is part of the automobile industry

One third of the emissions of the average human being are emitted for transportation. Transportation is a huge topic in the sustainability discussion. Electric vehicles, fuel consumption, public transportation, cycling and walking are just a few examples. In this episode I want to highlight the niche topic car sharing. Car share does not include car pooling (taking someone with you in your car) or ride sharing services like uber or taxis. It means to rent a car that other people can rent as well and drive it yourself. There are different models of car sharing. Dedicated parking spots for the … Read More

EIR 011: Felix and Nora from Brettgeflüster combine social and sustainable aspects in their crafting fashion project

Sometimes you meet the coolest people on the rarest occasions. On a dragon boat company event I told Felix, who was working, that I liked the design of his shirt. He explained me that it is his own brand and he prints all clothes with his girlfriend with a sustainable approach. We shortly talked and met a few weeks later for dinner. The energy and passion that Felix and Nora have for their brand „Brettgeflüster“ (board whisper) is exceptional. They just came up with the idea on the way back from a surf trip, bought the paint from an old … Read More

EIR 010: Elisa from followmygreen shows the ease of leaving a positive impact

After a few podcast episodes I started the Instagram account of Easy Impact Radio and pretty soon I found @followmygreen. I like the channel, because it had some really easy hint and tipps to live a more sustainable life, so it was pretty much exactly what I wanted to do. I did not find any podcast or website behind it, so I just wrote the followmygreen Instagramm. Elisa answered and after a few messages we agreed on a podcast interview. What happened in this interview was incredible. Elisa is french and moved to Vancouver in Canada. She lives the philosophy … Read More

EIR 009: Photographer Thilo Vogel about minimalism and living in a rooftop tent on your car

I met Thilo the first time on the DNX conference in Berlin and while waiting in the line for lunch we started to chat about travelling and electric cars. While I told Thilo about my just launched podcast, he explained me that he lives in his car and actually sleeps in a rooftop tent. Thilo is a great guy. He is relaxed, humble and just fun to be around! We got along perfect and a few weeks after the DNX I asked him for an interview. I was fascinated how hands on Thilos approach for a minimalistic life was. We … Read More

EIR 008: Suns out Buns out! – What sunscreen or sun blocker should I use?

Suns out, buns/guns out! It is summer!!! and normally that means sun, unless you live in Germany…. than it can mean as well storms and rain, but this is not the topic of this episode. For this episode we imagine that there is sun, a lot of sun. So much sun that you feel warm and energised, and also so much sun that your skin starts to burn. This is at latest the point where you should apply sun screen. With any other product there is a huge variety of possibilities to choose from. In this episode I will try … Read More

EIR 007: Belina Raffy from Sustainable Standup shows how to laugh about important topics

When I announced that I want to start my own podcast about an active and sustainable lifestyle a travel buddy that I met in a Yoga retreat in North Thailand wrote me on Facebook, that I have to check out sustainable stand up. First I could not believe it…. Making fun about such an important topic? But exactly this is the thing: Belina combines stand up comedy with important topics that endanger our planet. The interview shows that it is way more than just the ability to combine comedy with sustainability. It is more about laughing about things that seem … Read More