EIR019: Sonal Amin creates a sustainable future for coastal communities with the project La Choza Chula

April and May this year I travelled in Middle America and spent some time as well in Guatemala. I wanted to go surfing there but everybody told me that there is no surf. Nevertheless I searched online and found the village of el Pardon where there was supposed to be good surf. I enden up one week in this amazing village and had great surf and a really good time. The sustainable village development program La Choza Chula is hard to miss when you are in El Paredon and recently I had the chance to speak with Sonal Amin about the project, what they achieved already, what their plans are for the future and how to participate. It just opens my heart to see what is possible and you can feel the passion that Sonal puts in the project. Have fun with the interview.

Show notes:

La Choza Chula
La Choza Chula Instagram

The biggest Hacks from Sonal
1. Think about where everything you buy comes from
2. Think globally!
3. Be kind to the planet: Reduce single use plastics, because every tiny bit helps

Easy: www.easyimpactradio.com

Create an impact on others: Community

See the impact: Instagram

picture by : @wavelengthsphotography

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