EIR 018: Prof. Dr. Benjamin Nölting from the HNEE university for sustainable development in Eberswalde explains what their management courses offer

In my last job I decided to educate myself further and searched for opportunities to learn about sustainability management. I found the website of the university for sustainable development and their certificate sustainability management courses that I could take even though I was working a full job.
Prof. Dr. Nölting is not only a teacher in that program. He developed the study course sustainability management himself together with Prof. Jens Pape and other great minds from university and different companies.
If you are interested to inform yourself about a sustainable on the job training or a full Master, check out the interview where Mr Nölting explains everything about the development of the university to the courses they offer.
For further information contact Mr Nölting or look at the links that are added below.

Sorry again for the bad sound quality, the next one will be better!

Show notes:

Homepage of the university for sustainable development
Strategic sustainability management (german)
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Nölting (german)

The biggest Hacks from Prof. Dr. Nölting
1. Think about key investments that you buy to switch to a more sustainable alternative
2. DO not buy at all
3. Work less
4. Value the things you do

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picture by : HNEE

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