EIR 017: Nathasha Athanasiadou leaves a huge impact with her fashion brand Generation Generous and her support of the Plastic Bank

End of Januar this year I flew to Cape Town to participate in the Coworkation and Kitesurf program Coworkite. Natasha also took part in this program and as soon as I read her introduction in the slack channel, I knew that I want to interview her. When you meet her in person, you will feel her passion about her projects even more. When she explains Generation Generous to you, you see the motivation in Natashas eyes and get the feeling that she really found what she is burning for. Her company Generation Generous is a radically generous lifestyle brand with the mission to set the trend for more Generous Consumption and change the social and environmental impact of the bags we carry.
At the same time she is also active as a consultant for the Plastic Bank. She develops concepts with huge consumer good companies to reduce the use of plastic packaging and create “social” plastic in poor regions that than can be reused for packaging.
Find out in detail what Natasha is doing and be inspired by her passion in the interview.

Sorry again for the bad sound quality.

Show notes:

Generation Generous
Generation Generous Facebook
Generation Generous Instagram
Natashas TEDx Talk
Natashas Instagram
Plastic Bank

The biggest Hacks from Natasha
– Ask questions about everything that you consume. Where does it come from? Why is it so cheap/expensive? What did it take to manufacture?,…

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picture by : Natasha Athanasiadou

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