EIR 016: Stella from 22stars shows how to build up a social business with jewellery from recycled paper

On the global DNX conference in Lisbon in September 2017 I participated in a workshop from Stella about social entrepreneurship and the energy with that Stella presented her journey blew me away. She built up a business based on selling jewellery made from recycled paper. It was not even her idea to make this paper beads. She saw them being made by African woman. Stella just gave them the possibility to sell the products in the European and American markets. But she did not stop there: She opened a foundation to give the children of the mothers that do the jewellery the possibility to go to school. For me Stella is a true inspiration and a role model for what an entrepreneur can achieve.
Listen to her story and her plans for the future in this interview.

Show notes:

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Four Hacks & Tipps from Stella from 22stars
1. Buy locally whereever you are
2. Be careful what you buy
4. Safe water!

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