EIR 015: Melanie from tausendfremdeorte tells her story about cycling the world

I met Melanie and her boyfriend Ricardo on a DNX Camp in Dahab Egypt. I was immediately impressed by their plan to travel the world by bicycle. They are not the first people to do that, but the way they approached this adventure impressed me: without too much preparation and enjoying the learning process while on the road.
Melanie and Ricardo are both big travel fans and met each other on one of their former journeys in Australia. Ever since they travel together as a couple. They like to travel slow, get in contact with the locals, learn their traditions and enjoy the nature around.
When I saw them one morning at 7 AM cleaning up the beach while I was doing my morning run, I was even more impressed and we got into conversations about the sustainability aspect of their bicycle trip. They try to inspire others to travel close to nature and rethink their consuming behaviour and I had the chance to ask Melanie some questions about their trip.
Melanie and Richard share their stories in german on various social media platform under the name tausend fremde Orte.
And look out for the Tausend fremde Orte Podcast which will be published soon!

Show notes:

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bamboo basti

Four Hacks & Tipps from Melanie from 1000 fremde Orte
1. Avoid plastic straws
2. Buy a bamboo toothbrush
3. Use public transport, go by bike or walk instead of using your car.
4. If you travel to overseas, go for a longer time, because you create a lot of emissions. Travel where you live!

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