EIR 013: Martijn Jegerings the founder of Open Wear shares insights on building a sustainable performance product with a transparent supply chain

Facebook advertising is a powerful tool. An advertisement for the Open Wear Snow Jacket caught me. It contained a slogan that combined sustainability and performance and immediately cought my eye. I loved the concept and the running kickstarter campaign was very professional. Luckily the founder Martjin agreed on an interview and we talked about the way from the idea to the final product, kickstarter and the influence that starting a business has on your life. I was amazed that a company of two people can built such a brand and I wish there would be more products that prove that sustainability and performance are no contradiction. The brand name Open Wear stands for an open and transparent supply chain, which is a step in the right direction to make the clothing industry a fair industry for everyone participating.
This company is another perfect example for what I want to show with this podcast. Living an active lifestyle, doing sports, going skiing, using high quality and stylish equipment is possible all at the same time. Of course it is not perfect and there are a lot of points to improve, but it is a starting point and helps to raise awareness that we have to adapt our lifestyle if we don’t want future generations to pay for our mistakes.

Show notes:
Open Wear
Open Wear Facebook
OpenWear Instagram

Martijn’s hacks and tipps:
1. Use public transportation
2. Be careful what you buy and inform yourself what it took to produce
3. Be cautious with your meat consumption
4. Keep on asking!

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