EIR 012: Try car sharing! The sharing economy trend is part of the automobile industry

One third of the emissions of the average human being are emitted for transportation. Transportation is a huge topic in the sustainability discussion. Electric vehicles, fuel consumption, public transportation, cycling and walking are just a few examples. In this episode I want to highlight the niche topic car sharing. Car share does not include car pooling (taking someone with you in your car) or ride sharing services like uber or taxis.
It means to rent a car that other people can rent as well and drive it yourself. There are different models of car sharing. Dedicated parking spots for the cars where you can rent and return the cars is a completely different approach as the free floating one where the cars are spread all over an defined area and you can rent the cars everywhere and leave them everywhere in that area.
At the moment car sharing is a world wide trend with about 86000 vehicles and 6 million users in Asia, the Americas and Europe. Alone in Germany over 140 different services exist. The boston consulting group expects that by 2021 35 million people will use car sharing services.

Show notes:
BCG – automotive-whats-ahead-car-sharing-new-mobility-its-impact-vehicle-sales

Tipps and tricks
1. Try car sharing and calculate the costs for yourself (Is a car more expensive?, How often do you really need car?)
2. Offer your car in a P2P sharing platform and earn money with it
3. Sell your car

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