EIR 009: Photographer Thilo Vogel about minimalism and living in a rooftop tent on your car

I met Thilo the first time on the DNX conference in Berlin and while waiting in the line for lunch we started to chat about travelling and electric cars. While I told Thilo about my just launched podcast, he explained me that he lives in his car and actually sleeps in a rooftop tent. Thilo is a great guy. He is relaxed, humble and just fun to be around! We got along perfect and a few weeks after the DNX I asked him for an interview. I was fascinated how hands on Thilos approach for a minimalistic life was.
We recorded that interview during the G20 conference in Hamburg and Thilo had to relocate before we started because of the helicopter noises in the background. While I was waiting in my flat, he just drove to a more quiet spot and proved immediately the advantages of living in a car.
We had a great discussion about how to life more minimalistic, which has a big impact! Listen to this fun interview and follow Thilo on his adventures!

Thilos Hacks and tipps
1. Consume less – Do I really need this? If you buy something, replace something else
2. Stick with your stuff – use it longer
3. Think the easy way
4. Leave the place cleaner than it was, when you arrived.

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Thilo and myself “ähm” together this time 😉

photo: by Thilo himself

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