EIR 007: Belina Raffy from Sustainable Standup shows how to laugh about important topics

When I announced that I want to start my own podcast about an active and sustainable lifestyle a travel buddy that I met in a Yoga retreat in North Thailand wrote me on Facebook, that I have to check out sustainable stand up. First I could not believe it…. Making fun about such an important topic? But exactly this is the thing: Belina combines stand up comedy with important topics that endanger our planet. The interview shows that it is way more than just the ability to combine comedy with sustainability. It is more about laughing about things that seem contradictory and by that increase awareness and find a positive way to handle important topics. Tune in this interview and listen how happiness can be contagious. I could hear Belina smile during this interview and this created a good mood inside myself. This is an interview you don’t want to miss.

Show notes:

Facebook of Sustainable Standup

An inconvenient truth
Applied improvisation network
GreenMe Berlin
Cradle to Cradle book
Eden Project
Wisdom Together

Top hacks from Belina

1. Be kind and smile to people
2. Notice, what you are embarrassed about. Can you smile about it? Can you suspend your judgement? Whats silly and funny about it? Maybe that helps you to adress that topic from a different point of view than.
3. Think about how to make sustainability confident, playful and sexy

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Look! If I am relaxed and in a funny atmosphere there are not so many ähms… and I speak less in an interview

photo: by Steve Cross

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