EIR 005: Fairshionista Sabine Egger implements sustainability in all parts of her life

Swiping through my Instagramm feed I found Sabine on the pictures of the kite channel wake up stoked. It took me some time to realize that we know from my time as an Basketball player at Westfalia Kinderhaus many years ago. We wrote a few times and met again at the Digital Nomad Conference in Berlin end of May. When she explained about her project Fairshionista I had to take the opportunity to ask her for an interview.
Sabine is a anesthetist in switzerland, but at the same time she loves to travel, to ski and to go kite surfing. For this she started her blog kitetiger, where she explains about all the amazing kite spots and travel stories that she shares. That photography is another passion of Sabine you can see there as well. The little affiliate money she makes with that page is all donated to the organisation Ocean Care.
We also talked about Sabines new project fairshionista. On this German speaking blog she shows how she made the transition from a fashion victim to an eco minded fashion guru. She is putting challenges on herself to not buy new clothes and learns at the same time how many different outfits you can create with very little clothes.
But what amazed me even more is that Sabine is changing her lifestyle on so many different levels at the same time. She is tracking her flights with atmosfair, volunteering at beach clean ups for Ocean Care and tries to minimize her use of plastic.
Go listen to that great interview!

Sabines top hackz and tips for an easy impact:
1. Do not use plastic bags
2. Think about what you buy, before you buy it.
3. Use reusable coffee mugs for coffee to go
4. Dont use plastic bottles. Soul bottles are an alternative
5. Try a clothing challenge. For example use just 10 pieces in 10 days and play with the combinations

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Nudie Jeans
Ocean Care
Soul Bottles

Easy: www.easyimpactradio.com

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