EIR 004: Enjoy your Barbecue! Why you should try olive stone coal

Everybody all around the world does barbecues and it is just an amazing get together and meet up combined with tasty food often in the outdoors.
A barbecue is an amazing occasion and there are a few things that can be looked at when doing a barbecue. If you look at these topics you do not only have a positive impact, but also a tastier and better bbq experience.
The average food item travels 1200 km to your barbecue, by buying locally the transporting emissions can be reduced. For vegetables consulting a seasonable products calendar can help to pick the freshest locally produced fruits and vegetables.
When it comes to your grill, choose a good one, one you use for many years, one you fell in love with, one that you car for in good times as well as in bad times. Do not buy a single use grill that your throw away, after you had fun with it once…;-)
If you choose a coal grill, go for FSC certified char coal and leave the briquettes, because they are unhealthy. Or try coal based on coconut shell, bamboo or olive stones. They burn longer with less smoke and sparks and olive stone and bamboo shell coal are waste products while bamboo grows new very fast.
A gas grill emits less carbon dioxide while grilling but you are burning fossil fuels and add to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while charcoal has captured the greenhouse gas before while being a tree.
The food on your grill accounts for 95% of the emitted greenhouse gases of the full barbecue, so choose it wisely.
In the end clean up the mess that you made with your friends outside.

Have fun this summer while doing barbecues. Use them to invite friends and family that you do not see so often!

Hacks and tips for an easy impact:

1. Buy locally
2. Grill with FSC coal, cocos coal, or olive coal – No old paper, construction wood or conifer branches (carcinogenic)
3. Buy the right food! Less meet, but good one!
4. Clean up your mess!

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– I had the feeling there were less ähms this time ….

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