EIR 003: Claudi Sult from greenmeberlin is spreading passion and excitement for a greener Berlin

In the process of setting up this podcast, I also spoke to Claudi from Greenme Berlin and she really supported me and pushed me to continue to launch this podcast.
Claudi is another very active and positive person. You immediately feel the energy that she has and the passion that she is bringing in her projects.
She describes her self as 85% vegan, part-time eco-fashion wearer, full-time cyclist, 100% Berlin-obsessed and Green Travel & Lifestyle Enthusiast. With a background of studying sustainable tourism and working in PR team of the Berlin tourist board, she is predestinated for her own project GreenMe Berlin.
Green Me Berlin is an online platform, podcast & more, showcasing the creative Berlin green scene. You should definitely check out her website, because it is full of interesting information about Berlin and the eco minded scene of the city. You can find trends, places, events and stories about that city. The GreenMe Berlin podcast features interviews with the ecopreneurs and eco minded businesses of Berlin. An awesome interactive map shows all the interesting places to explore and Claudi even provides travel guides to experience the sustainable side of Berlin.
After this interview I was so pumped and I had the feelings Claudis energy had jumped over to me.
Listen to this episode and let her energize you as well!

Claudis top hackz and tips for an easy impact:
1. Reduce meat consumption
2. Go out to markets more – Support your locals
3. Rethink what you really need. It’s freeing to have less stuff around you.
4. Open your eyes for one day how often you do get plastic products?

Green me Berlin
Claudi Sult
Original Unverpackt in Berlin, Germany
Glücklich Unverpackt in Essen, Germany

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– I have the feeling that it is easier to use “ähm” less when someone else is speaking. 😉

photo: Dinko Verzi


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