EIR 002: How to surf the internet in a more sustainable way. From servers powered by renewables to the education potential of the internet.

Not the first topic to think about but definitely one that impacts our daily life constantly:
Greenpeace issued a new green clicks report last January and evaluated based on different criteria the impact of various global online Services from eCommerce to video streaming and social networks.
The energy demand of the internet is growing at a fast pace and luckily some of the big companies show how it can be done or at least improved since the last study.
Facebook, Apple, and Google who first made 100% renewable commitments four years ago have now been joined by nearly 20 internet companies. On the other hand Amazon Web Services who is hosting some of the best known properties on the internet, continues to remain among the least transparent in revealing the energy footprint.
A totally different view at the internet is the social potential that it has. The more people on this planet have access to the internet the more people get access to free knowledge and education. The internet is not the answer to challenges like poverty and inequality, but it has huuuge potential to help overcoming these issues.
Another point of the constant use of the internet is the device that is used to go online. Recycling of these devices is difficult, but it is also constantly improving.

Hacks and tips for an easy impact (It were more than just 5 this time):

1. Use the big ones: Apple, Facebook and Google
2. Be aware of how much time you spent surfing…. get offline
3. If you are hosting a website check how your host is sourcing energy. For easyimpactradio.com I use greengeeks. The price is even cheaper than other providers
4. Remove your devices properly
5. Use your devices as long as possible
6. Switch off devices if you don’t need them

Sources of this Episode:

Greenpeace Clicking Green Report
The interne society: The Internet and Sustainable Development
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Easy: www.easyimpactradio.com

Create an impact on others: Community

Be impacted: Newsletter

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