EIR 001: Rob Greenfields transformation from a party animal to an adventurer, activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference

I met Rob Greenfield personally in the Zero waste store Glücklich Unverpackt in Essen and after his motivating talk I had to ask him if I can interview him. Amazingly he said yes, as you can hear right now.
Rob is one of the most positive and happy people I have ever met and at the same time he is very calm and reasonable.
In university he was a big party animal but he transformed to a role model adventurer, activist and humanitarian fighting for a better planet. He actually shows what is all possible.

Here are just some of Robs projects:
– Trash me
– Dumpster Divers Defense Fund
– The Food waste Fiasco
– Off the Grid in a tiny house
– #donatenotdump

Robs top hackz and tips for an easy impact:
1. Eating more plant based
2. Riding more a bike drive less
3. Create less trash – use reusable items
4. Eat more unprocessed and unpackaged food

Rob Greenfield
Rob Greenfields Greenriders tour
Greenriders facebook group
What the bleep do we know
Glücklich Unverpackt

Easy: www.easyimpactradio.com

Create an impact on others: Community

Be impacted: Newsletter

– I guess on an interview there are less ähms…

photo: Rob Greenfield

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