EIR 000: Who is that guy talking and what is he talking about? Björn introduces himself and Easy Impact Radio

Hellloooo everyone and welcome to Easy Impact Radio Episode number zero,

Björn Bröskamp is the host of this new podcast. He describes himself as business chemist, traveller, diver, wakeboard, fun seeker and upcoming sustainability strategist.
He has always been interested in living a more sustainable life and now he takes you with him on the journey to talk to ecopreneurs, influencers and people that already have an impact. Also he will dive through books, websites, courses and podcasts to find easy to apply hacks and tipps while maintaining an active lifestyle. He is convinced that it is possible to life a happy and active life, follow your passion and having a positive impact on the development of this world is possible all at the same time!

– Who is Björn Bröskamp and why is he talking to me?
– Why did he choose podcasting?
– What is sustainability? (economic, ecologic and social)
– Formats of Easy Impact Radio
– Whats in it for me?
– Design of the podcast
– Music of the podcast

P.S.: Can please someone count the “ähs” I say?

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